Welcome to the official homepage of the power thrash metal band TEMPLE OF BLOOD.

Our music is inspired by the masters of heavy metal art
such as Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Dark Angel, Judas Priest, Annihilator and many others,
while our lyrics reflect Biblical stories and teachings.

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Recent Band News

03/08/10 - So we are writing album #3 and working in the new players to the 2010 TEMPLE OF BLOOD line-up. Things are going well so far and the new musicians are excellent!

I'd like to welcome Robert Willingham (MILITIA) on bass guitar and Harry Coleman on second guitar. Robert is of course from the incredible Texas Power Thrash Metal merchants MILITIA who put out "Released" and are working on a brand new album that I am definitely looking forward to! Now I knew MILITIA was a very cool band but I am a bit surprised how quickly he has picked up my tunes and been able to nail them! Really looking forward to working more with Robert. Harry Coleman is someone that I knew from our 60s/70s/80s/90s cover band that we play in together and I knew he was a master shredder! I really appreciate his offer to help us out with this new album and I think you guys will be really impressed with his playing because I know I am!

The new album is called "A Show of Force" and we are working on finishing up a 2 song demo to shop to labels. In the meantime we will be completing the rest of the songwriting for album #3. I've really been ramping up the intensity on these new songs and we've added blast beats to our sound for extra pummeling thrashitude. We hope to bring you a power metal thrashterpiece that you all will enjoy listening to again and again.

Release date will be whenever it all gets done, which of course depends on if we get signed or not. Thanks to everyone for your support!

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