Welcome to the official homepage of the Christian thrash metal band TEMPLE OF BLOOD. Our music evokes the spirit of the masters of heavy metal art such as Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Dark Angel, Judas Priest, Annihilator and many others, while our lyrics reflect the stories of the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Recent Band News

09/29/05 - We have finally received the final mastered CD of the album and it sounds awesome! Promo packs have been mailed to many labels, so we will be negotiating with them and making arragements for the release of the CD in the next few months. When this is finalized, the web page will be updated with the name of our label and our release date. The merchandise page has been updated so that you can now buy T-Shirts and stickers. We also have an official band forum hosted by the good folks at Firestream.net. Sign up there and post away! It's an awesome site but keep it PG because it is a Christian web site.

07/27/05 - Our CD is now being mastered by Sterling Winfield and we have some great shows coming up. Be sure and make it out to see us at the Benchwarmer, Crossroads, and the Athens National Guard Armory. We now have t-shirts and stickers available and we will be selling them at these shows.

05/17/05 - Well, it looks like there will be a delay regarding the release of our new album. It has been very difficult for all of us to be free at the same time so we can sit together and work on the mix. All the music is recorded however and we have done a few rough mixes already. It may be a month or longer before we are able to complete the mixing stage and send our CD off to get mastered. Not only that, but we are probably going to try to get a label to sign us before we release this CD, so that we can get some good distribution off the bat. That will probably take months to finalize before the CD can be released. In the meantime though, there is still plenty to do. We have several shows coming up and we are writing tunes for our next album. We also have some really cool stage props courtesy of Garth. We apologize for the delay with the release of our CD, but we hope you guys will make it out to see us play. May God bless you all.

04/11/05 - Most of the recording has been completed for our upcoming album, we just have a few more songs to record vocals for. We are very pleased with how everything is turning out, and it should be available before too long. We will be working with Dave Pittman on mixing it shortly and will send it to Sterling Winfield for the mastering. From there it is a matter of getting it pressed, so it will probably take about 6 weeks to have everything put together. As you can see above, we have quite a few new shows coming up and we have begun rehearsing again and working on new songs for album #2.

03/08/05 - Recording for our debut album will begin this weekend with Dave Pittman at Xist Studios and we could not be more excited! This recording will be mixed/mastered by one of the best in the metal biz, Sterling Winfield! He has worked with such incredible metal acts as Pantera, King Diamond, and Mercyful Fate. We will be posting mp3s and ordering information for the CDs as soon as we have them in our hands.

01/25/05 - Well, as it turns out we are going to have to push the studio date back to mid-March. We have played a few shows lately and we are trying to finish up the final 3 songs for this album. There will be 9 original songs and the Deadly Blessing cover song on this album. We've got some fast, aggressive, crazy, technical metal songs on here and some more melodic, anthemic, and traditional-sounding heavy metal tunes on here as well. Don't expect many updates on this page until the album comes out because we will be kicking it into high gear to rehearse for this recording! God Bless and I hope you all enjoy our first musical offering.

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