Lyrics for "Overlord"

Behind the Inverted Star

Adorn your works with the unholy
So naive of which it stands
Comfort in comformity
Tribute to the fall of man

Ancient evil this mark will tell
The five-pointed sign points to Hell

A hate that burns like fire lies behind the inverted star

Locked at war with granite law
Like all tales of villainy
A pretense to cover flaws
Animal humanity

Ancient evil this mark will tell
The five-pointed sign points to Hell

A hate that burns like fire lies behind the inverted star

(solo: Barnes, Mullis)

Vanity is no refuge
Selfish lives are built on sand
Flee the lies men have stated
Lean not on folly of man

Ancient evil this mark will tell
The five-pointed sign points to Hell

A hate that burns like fire lies behind the inverted star

Ancient evil this mark will tell
The five-pointed sign points to Hell

A fate of endless torment lies behind the inverted star

Summon the Accused

(Music and Lyrics: Barnes)

(solo: Barnes)

Summon the accused, before this tribunal
The boastful one who claims He is the son
Judgement's at hand by the laws of this land
Pharisess, priests, and the mob they command

Brought to the high priest - Annas
Mocked in the courtoom of Caiphas

Take Him to the Roman magistrate
Execute, let Pilate seal His fate

Pilate examined the King of the Jews
His questions were answered with nothing but truth
"What is truth?" was all he replied
As cries from the crowd screamed "Crucify!"

"Indulge in your blood lust, I wash my hands, behold ... the man!"

"Deny the Christhood as your disciples deny.
Caesar rules this world, swear it or you shall die.
If you are a king free yourself from these bonds."

"Yet mine is the kingdom beyond."

(solo: Mullis, Barnes)

Fearsome Warrior

(Music and Lyrics: Mullis)

Fearsome warrior, strength divine
A killing machine, born to fight
Those who stand against surely die
A whole army fell by his might
Sworn foe of the Philistines
Not like any man who's ever been
Fought and overcame wild beasts
His strength was legendary

Lashed out, all around
Spilled their blood, struck them down
By the bone of a jaw
He attacked, made them fall

Born a human weapon
Imbued with massive brawn
Great power inside him
Can't be held by any bonds
But he has one weakness
That he must never say
If they knew the secret of his strength

It would spell the downfall of his reign

(solo: Barnes)

Her persistent questioning
Revealed the cause of his strength
Used it against when asleep
His strength then left his body
Enemies came, he was seized
Now a normal man, can't break free
Thrown into jail as a slave
Forced him to work night and day

Gouged his eyes, made him blind
Brought so low from so high
He's disgraced, just a joke
Must perform for their show

But he prays to the Lord
"Please grant me this one thing
Give me my revenge on
these three thousand Philistines.
I feel two pillars that
hold this roof overhead.
Now return my strength for one last time.

Let me bring this roof upon their heads!"

Illusion of Control

(Music and Lyrics: Mullis)

(solo: Mullis)

MACHINERY - Just a cog in a cosmic machine
POTENCY - Joined in clockwork rhythm with all things
Formed from dust to live the master plan
Our course was written before time began

And yet we are comsumed by constant fear

WORLDLY - Not an inch can we add to our height
BREVITY - Not a year can we add to our life

And yet we struggle year after year

A troubled race we run but the war has already been won
Illusion of control

MORTALITY - Fleeting time upon this mortal plane
FUTILITY - Busy futile lives we live in vain
Frustration and failure from our hands
Can't succeed apart from His command

And yet we boast about our mighty deeds

TRAGEDY - No power to save ourselves from doom
MANDATORY - No recourse but to accept the truth
And yet we don't embrace our destiny

(repeat chorus)

(solo: Barnes, Mullis, Barnes)

(repeat chorus)

Black Day of Execution

(Music and Lyrics: Mullis)

The charge has been made, I am sentenced to die
Beaten, bloodied and scourged through the night

A long slow march to the skull on the hill
Don't let me die but please do Your will

(solo: Mullis)

No tonic to soothe me, I die as a thief
Upon my shoulders this burden of grief

(solo: Mullis)

Now my breath has left me, storms blot out the sun
Tombs are cracking open, Death has come undone

Pawn of the Liar

(Music and Lyrics: Mullis)

Marionette of the whims of your enemy
Manipulated by your dreams in life
This futile chase ensures your downfall
Will you be a pawn until you die?

Marionette of your enemy
How quickly you fail again
Hear him calling and you'll obey
Though it brings you pain within

Forgot your past, doomed to repeat
Promised the world for your soul
Forgot yourself, taken the bait
Never learning, never grow

Living as a prisoner of your own flesh
Enshackled by your desire
A foolish child living vain dreams
You're just a pawn of the liar

Great suffering you must endure
How much more can you take
before the pain makes you cry out
and you finally turn away

You're broken down, into nothing
and you're brought down to your place
Condemnation from the Most High
You must find another way

(solo: Barnes)


(Music and Lyrics: Mullis)

A birth that ancient prophets foretold
The mighty guardian of light
He was the chosen one to set us free
Being of power and infinite might

A teacher beyond the greatest scholars of the day
They came to behold this man from many miles away

Your prophecy was true
Your profound message changed the world
All our hopes lie with You

(solo: Mullis, Barnes)

He has the power to control the elements
His will has formed the stars in the sky
Every creature draws breath through His plan
The demons flee, angels fight by His side

Before time began, He knew what history would tell
Back from the grave with the keys to Heaven and Hell

Forbidden Evil

(Originally written and performed by Forbidden)

Killers thrill, endless slaughter
Mother cries, her tortured daughter
Tattered flesh and silky hair
Rip her soul and left her bare

Unbelievers hold evil, learn or burn
Commit hate and torture, your soul will burn

Bloody angel drenched in sin
Ripped down to blistered skin
Its wings decay, fallen prey
Holy Lord please end this day

The king of death shall rule
His plague of Hell is fire
He's come to fight his duel
He's worshipped with desire
Behold forbidden evil, he's come to fight you'll see
Behond good God the Savior, will rule eternity
Prince of Hell surrounds the Earth
Fulfilling what is said
The demons scream from Hell and kiss the bloody birth

Forbidden Evil

(solo: Barnes, Mullis, Barnes, Mullis, Barnes, Mullis)

Anthem to the Unseen

(Music and Lyrics: Mullis)

Ancient One hear my cry of reverant praise
To your Annointed and all His ways

From your creation let us call the name of God
Exalted above all

Sovereign One take my life to do as You will
Cut off every branch that doesn't yield

(solo: Barnes)

(repeat chorus)

The Return

(Music and Lyrics: Mullis)

He will soon return to the world that rejected its savior
They mocked and killed His servants that He sent out to all the world
He's waited for them to repent but His patience won't endure
When the day is here He will call down hardship on the impure

A coming time of suffering on a massive scale
The likes of which has never been seen
From the agony of torture they will long to die
But death won't come to grant them release

He who first came to the world in peace will return with the sword
He will separate His chosen and then loose the hounds of war
Men consumed in bloodlust will engage in battle, killing scores
Incited by the crimson horsemen who rides from shore to shore

A coming time of warfare on a massive scale
The likes of which has never been seen
Peace is taken from the land for one last conflict
At Armageddon the place of killing

Many cities will be crushed and kingdoms will fall
Forces of nature enraged, celestial assault

Society will break down, Pain and despair will abound

(solo: Barnes, Mullis, Barnes, Mullis, Barnes, Mullis, Barnes, Mullis)

A coming time of vengeance on a massive scale
The likes of which has never been seen
We must watch for all the signs of those final days
As we await the return of The King

The Return