Band Biography

It is refreshing when an ensemble comprised of die-hard fans of the music that they love form a band. This is exactly what Temple of Blood did. Temple of Blood was formed in 2001 with the mission to record, perform, and share their love of the music that inspired them with fellow Metal fans from around the world.

Formed as a power trio by founder/guitarist/vocalist Jim Mullis along with bassist/back-up vocalist Garth Lovvorn and drummer Lance Wright, the band was created as a means of fusing the different Metal styles that inspire them: Power/ Thrash Metal with elements of traditional Heavy Metal, Death Metal, and Doom. These elements flow seamlessly throughout each piece as Temple of Blood's ability to transcend their arsenal of influences into well-woven songs is acutely displayed.

Initially playing mostly cover songs, Temple began by dazzling Metal fans with songs from Annihilator, Iron Maiden, Death, Candlemass, and many more. Original material was written and interspersed into the live setting and a fan base was created that supported Temple's original material. Characterized by punchy and ferocious Thrash riffs, power metal vocals, doom-laden interludes, and a penchant for melody, the Temple of Blood sound was born. An album was released in 2005 that captured this sound, entitled "Prepare for the Judgement of Mankind".

The "Prepare" album featured the charter membership of Mullis, Lovvorn, and Wright along with the addition of lead guitarist Matt Barnes. This collection of songs was recorded at the Sound Works studio in Alabama under the guidance of engineer Dave Pittman. An additional cover song of underground Power Metal legends Deadly Blessing was also recorded. The vocals for the cover song were handled by Deadly Blessing’s former vocalist, Ski. The "Prepare" album received great reviews from fan zines all over the world and the first pressing sold out within months. The TOB fan base grew to international status as the album's distribution reached worldwide to eager fans in search of heavy, melodic and masterfully-performed Metal. The "Prepare" album placed Temple of Blood firmly on the map as a band that is serious about its output. Reviews lauded the technical proficiency of the music and vocals and were impressed with the overall delivery.

The 2008 release "Overlord" came fresh off of the momentum of "Prepare," picking up where its predecessor left off. This time however, “Overlord” delivers with a ramped-up crusade into faster, heavier, and even more melodic territory in all areas: musically, vocally and structurally. From the quick-paced opener "Behind the Inverted Star", the mosh-driven "Illusion of Control" to the epic "Anthems to the Unseen", the "Overlord" album left no stone unturned in terms of infusing an array of Metal styles with continuous fluidity. Complete with a cover of Forbidden's classic "Forbidden Evil", this album fully captivates the listener from beginning to end. “Overlord” proudly achieved the high standards of technical proficiency where "Prepare" had set the bar. The stellar guitar solos provided by Barnes weave swiftly and melodically over the music's razor-sharp and machine-precision riffing. The band acquired a new bass player in the likes of Jim Lewis from Prog/Power band Antithesis who tightly laid down the rhythm section along with drummer Lance Wright and his unrelenting double-kick barrage, providing a firm foundation for the guitar and vocals. Mullis increased his range and truly brought the power on his vocal performance ascending to towering heights in flawless transitions throughout the album’s vast swath of melodies.

The bar has again been raised for the upcoming album “A Show of Force” which as it is being completed shows every sign of exceeding the standard set with “Overlord”. This material has been written and some has already been debuted live at a recent gig. The response from fans was overwhelming as the new material fell perfectly into place along with Temple's classic numbers. The new material features the same concise and riff-wise song structures found on the first two Temple albums along with a focus on the fusion of stronger melodies with increased heaviness. Some of Temple of Blood's heaviest riffing will debut on this forthcoming album. Songs such as the crunchy, Bay Area-tinged "The Advocate and The Accuser", the soaring and speedy title track, and the intense "Curse of Black Hearts" once again bring to light the ability of Temple of Blood to create ultra-heavy thrash riffs while craftily meshing a variety of Metal styles into the mix. Blast beats, frenetic rhythms, discordant mood swings, and punishing riffs balance out the vocal melodies and powerful choruses perfectly.

The Temple of Blood roster has completely revamped its rhythm section with the return of Garth Lovvorn to bass and backing vocals, and the addition of David Keeton on drums and backing vocals. Lovvorn returns with his aggressive, agile, and galloping bass attack while Keeton displays a fast yet traditional style of drumming complete with massive double bass capabilities and all-around percussive dexterity. Jim Mullis will continue to handle lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and lead vocals in the live setting. A special guest, Andre’ Corbin, from the classic Metal band Helstar (last heard on that band’s magnum opus “Nosferatu”) has agreed to provide guitar solos for the album. The experience that fans have been waiting for will certainly be found in "A Show of Force", as along with its predecessors will prove to be an instant Metal classic.

The future is bright for Temple of Blood as the band moves forward with the recording of its next album. Meanwhile the stage is being set for a live campaign that will carry Temple into 2017 and beyond. The 2016 return gig was a huge success for the band and fans alike. The outlook is great as the Thrash scene is stronger than ever and Temple of Blood will be a critical factor in this overall strength for the future. The band looks forward to performing on new stages in new cities along with a return to formerly charted territories. The best is yet to come.

Please continue to follow the excitement of one of the world's premiere Metal bands: Temple of Blood!

Jim Mullis - Lead Vocals / Guitar (CAULDRON BORN)
Andre' Corbin - Lead Guitar (ex-HELSTAR)
Garth Lovvorn - Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals (CHAOS INCEPTION, ex-FLESHTIZED)
David Keeton - Drums / Backing Vocals